Pitfalls of DIY Hoarding Clean-Up? It can be tempting to just simply hold an intervention, throw
everything away, and express your concerns for your loved one’s lifestyle to help them better their
situation. Unfortunately, the extreme anxiety of disposophobia can make it incredibly difficult for a
hoarder to let go, and they are likely to become combative. Even if you manage to discard a few
things, they will stop at nothing to replace it to make the anxiety of traumatic loss go away. In severe
cases, a hoarder home may downright be too dangerous for an untrained person to enter and
attempt to clean at all. At OnCall Bio in Germantown, MD, we make the process fast, easy and safe.
Our team of professional cleaners will remove and discard waste and come up with innovative
solutions no matter what obstacles arise. The stress of a hoarding cleanup can become tense for
everyone involved. Having those tough conversations with your loved one will be a lot easier with a
professional who can guide you through the process and help mediate the situation. Call us today!