St. Cloud

8 Reasons to call OnCall Bio in St. Cloud, MN today if you or a loved one is struggling with a
hoarding disorder.

  1. We provide a full assessment of the hoarding situation which allows us to create a
    customized plan.
  2. We are the experts. Our professional clean-up team has the knowledge and experience to
    come up with solutions for any situation.
  3. Compassionate care. Hoarders require a non-judgmental, understanding approach of a
    professional who can help them work through tough decisions in a safe and respectful way.
  4. Innovative solutions. Our team is well prepared to meet your needs no matter what
    obstacles arise, and in a much more streamlined manner than if you were to do it alone.
  5. Easy waste disposal.
  6. Better perspective. Working with a team of professionals gives you a bird’s eye view of the
    cleanup, so you can make the best decisions available to you.
  7. Top of the line equipment. Our hoarding cleanup team will have the best tools and supplies
    to get the job done.