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If you or someone you know struggles with hoarding, clean-up services can be a valuable resource.
At OnCall Bio in Baltimore, MD, we can help make the cleaning process safer, more efficient and
more compassionate. In addition, we have the tools and equipment necessary to safely and
efficiently remove large amounts of untidiness. Our team of professional cleaners a...

Ellicott City

Hoarding is an umbrella term that is defined by the accumulation of objects or clutter. Some of the
more commonly hoarded items include Papers, books, containers, clothing items, furniture, garbage
and in some cases animals or waste products. Cleanup is a large undertaking. Depending on the
size of the home, it can be an incredible burden on you or your loved one...


Hoarding cleanup is a laborious and dangerous thing that needs to be handled with extreme care
and professionalism. Instead of taking chances to conduct the exercise on your own, you can use our
professional hoarding cleaning services here at OnCall Bio in Frederick, MD, to ensure you or your
loved one resides in a healthy and safe environment. We provide high-qua...


Are you dealing with hoarding? At OnCall Bio in Gaithersburg, MD, we can help you get your life
back to normal. Hoarding is a unique, complex situation that must be handled with the utmost care
and empathy. It involves more than just clutter cleanup. At OnCall Bio, we have helped hundreds of
hoarders turn over a new lease on life. Our team of professional cleaners...


Pitfalls of DIY Hoarding Clean-Up? It can be tempting to just simply hold an intervention, throw
everything away, and express your concerns for your loved one’s lifestyle to help them better their
situation. Unfortunately, the extreme anxiety of disposophobia can make it incredibly difficult for a
hoarder to let go, and they are likely to become combative. Even ...

Glen Burnie

We know at OnCall Bio in Glen Burnie, MD, that hoarding cleanup can be a dangerous job. It’s not always the case, but it’s not worth the risk. Even when the job is relatively “safe,” it doesn’t mean it’s easy, convenient, or even manageable for the average person. In specific hoarding situations, keeping certain items can even be hazardous. For example, the acc...


Here at OnCall Bio in Rockville, MD, we have a 3-step hoarding and clutter clean-up process. Our
service is unlike any other restoration company. Our goal is to make our clients as comfortable as
possible, and to provide a compassionate and mutual clean up. Step1 is to assess the situation. Our
trained estimators will communicate with all individuals affected by t...

Silver Spring

To someone unfamiliar with hoarding disorder, the thought of cleaning up a hoarder house may seem
simple. But this is far from accurate. Hoarding cleanup can pose several health threats, from bacteria
growth to animal feces and rodent infestation. By hiring a hoarding cleanup service, you can protect
yourself and your loved ones from these health hazards and trust...


According to recent studies, compulsive hoarding affects 5 to 14 million people in the US and is
defined as an excessive accumulation of items and the refusal to get rid of them. Hoarding cleanup
services are available here at OnCall Bio in Waldorf, MD for those who need help with de-cluttering
their homes or the homes of family members. Our team of professional c...